News September 2022

Looking for partners to bring eBall to the worldwide market.
Meet us at Micromobility 2022 conference in SF Bay Area from Sep 14-Sep 17
Carry-on mobility: <10kg Weight | >20km/h Speed | >10km Range
Contact us: or phone +49 172 7230073 (Uli)

On this website you can see our prototypes from the year 2016

Experience a new form of movement!

Driving on the eBall gives you the ability to move in every direction. You dont have to face the direction your are going. You are driving "heading locked". Balance and your Scoot are mixing to a new form of movement. No matter if you are driving to school, using the eBall as a fitness, art or lifestyle device: Driving on the eBall is something you have never experienced before.

Your Self-balancing Scooter

Whereever Uli Sambeth shows up - on his, like he says "Segway® on a ball" - people keep asking: „What is this and where can i buy it?“ „Please let my try that?“